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Sustainability and Carbon Reduction & Management Services


One of the biggest challenges we face today is the emission of Green House Gasses (GHG) into the atmosphere as well as the amount of waste we produce, at a local and also global level. Thus, knowing your enterprise and personal carbon footprint is an important part of implementing strategies for energy efficiency and energy conservation measures.

In order to help facility owners overcome this challenge successfully, GES offers comprehensive and reliable sustainability, carbon reduction and management services. Through our expertise and proven strategies, we can help you achieve carbon reduction and environmental efficiencies in your building. With us, you can lower your total carbon footprint and play an important role in preserving our environment.


The GES carbon footprint reduction solutions incorporates:


  • Sustainability planning

  • Carbon audits 

  • Green house gas reporting


Through sustainability planning, GES can help you determine a baseline for your current operations carbon footprint, based upon which future decisions can be made. The carbon footprint is the sum of all GHG emissions associated with the everyday operations of the facility considering all relevant sources. It is calculated as a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) using the relevant 100-year global warming potential (GWP100), and it shows the specific facility output of tones of CO2 released into the atmosphere.


A carbon audit is the process of accounting and mapping energy usage along with associated carbon emissions across the building’s operational footprint. GES uses the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard to generate your carbon impact report. This report presents a detailed analysis of your direct and indirect carbon emissions.


GHG reporting is mandatory for certain types of facilities in certain states, such as industrial facilities, fuel suppliers, and electricity importers. GES can help you with your voluntary or mandatory GHG and carbon footprint reporting to the pertaining authorities in your area.

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