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Utility Rebate Programs


In order to meet a growing electric demand while also reducing pollution and the carbon footprint, local governments and utilities across the US have implemented and are constantly expanding, energy efficiency programs. Currently it is estimated that 70% of the US is covered by an active lighting rebate program. GES can help you access these programs and maximize the return on your investment in energy efficient measures.

According to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency these programs have become more popular over the years. For example, in 2014 alone around $9.9 billion dollars were available through a variety of energy efficiency programs. This represents a 120% increase over the 2008 budgets.

The rebate and incentive programs cover a wide variety of energy efficient equipment in Custom, Industrial and Residential markets. Some examples are:


  • HVAC systems, motors,

  • Lighting systems, refrigerators and kitchen equipment.

  • Solar water heating system

  • Installation of Photovoltaic sheets

  • Building insulation

  • Heat pumps

  • Installation of lighting controls and sensors

  • Programmable thermostats

The most popular target for utilities looking to reduce energy demand is lighting since lighting consumes 20% of all electricity in the world and is used by almost all customers. Utility energy efficiency programs are designed to promote the installation of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems. The incentives available aim to lower the initial implementation costs, thus making the payback period of the investment much more attractive. Taking advantage of these programs helps reduce the initial project cost, save money on electric bills, helps the environment by reducing hazardous emissions from electricity generation, and keeps your facility up to date with local legislation and federal requirements

GES can help you navigate the process with assistance in the following areas: rebate application, spreadsheet development and proposal, feasibility study, Measurement & Verification of projected energy savings, liaison between you and the appropriate utilities to discuss, negotiate and obtain all possible rebates & incentives


Utility Rebate Programs

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Pepco Commercial & Industrial Trade Ally

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